Super Stock Rules


Safety Rules:

1. Safety is the First Priority. If You Do Not Pass the Safety Tech-In, You DO NOT RACE.


2. Must Have Window Net on Drivers Side.

3. Must Have Rear Drive Shaft Loop.

4. Must Have Secure Roll Cage, Harness, Helmet & Fire Extinguisher.

5. On/Off Battery Disconnect Switch is required at the Rear on the Passenger Side. The Switch must be Located a Minimum of Twelve (12) Inches to a Maximum of Twenty-Four (24) Inches from the Side and a Maximum of Twelve (12) Inches from the Rear.

Weight: Small Blocks must weigh a Minimum of 3700 lbs with Driver; Big Block must weigh a minimum of 3900 lbs with Driver. All Big Blocks must be in Full Size Vehicles, no Big Blocks in Mid Size vehicles, ex. Jeeps or small type Broncos.

Roll Cage:

1. Must have a 4-Point Roll Cage in the Cab Welded to Frame. A 6-Point Roll Cage Is Recommended.

2. Must Be a Minimum of 1.5” Diameter with at Least .063 Wall Thickness Chrome Molly or Mild Steel Tubing or some type of material of equal strength.

3. NOTE: Roll Bars/Sport Bars in the Bed of the Vehicle Are Not Considered an Acceptable Substitute for a Roll Cage.

4. Doors May Be Trimmed for Roll Cage, But Not Gutted. "Gutted" Refers to Excessive Removal of the Interior Above and Beyond That Which Is Required for the Roll Cage And/Or Other Specific Rules Allow.

5. Doors Must Be Able to Securely Open & Close.

Body and Frame:

1. Original Body and Frame with No Modifications Other than Fender Cut-Outs. No excessive cutting or gutting allowed. Heaters, gas tanks & etc. may be removed. All Fuel Lines, Brake Lines, Muffler Hangers or any other unused hoses or hangers may be removed from Frame.

2. Vehicles Must Have All Factory Sheet Metal. You may run with or without hood or tailgate. Hood can be made of any material.

3. NOTE: Excessive Body and Interior Modifications Will prevent you from racing in this Class.

4. No Mixing of Engine and Body Style. Engine Type Must Be Offered By Manufacturer in that Style ½ Ton or Larger Vehicle. (Ex. Ford Engine in Ford Chassis, Chevrolet Engine in Chevrolet Chassis, etc.) All Big Blocks must be in full size vehicles, No Big Blocks in Mid Size Vehicles (EX. Jeeps or Small Type Broncos.) Small Block must weigh a minimum of 3700 lbs. with Driver, Big Blocks must Weigh a minimum of 3900 lbs. with Driver.

5. All Vehicles May run ¾ or 1 Ton Running Gear (Drive train, Axles, Springs, etc.).

6. No Shortening or Lengthening of Frame Allowed.

7. All Stock Automotive Glass May Be Removed from Vehicle except windshield. Example, Door Windows, Side Windows or Back Windows may be removed.

8. Drivers must be shielded from all Radiators, Oil Coolers & etc.

9. Top of Cab & Front Bed Panel May be Removed From Any Type Vehicle. Ex. You May remove the top of Cab & Front Bed Panel and Trim Top of Doors from a Chevrolet, Ford or Dodge Pickup to resemble a 67-72 Model Chevrolet Blazer.


1. Driver's Seat Must Be Located on the Left Side Similar to Stock.

2. Anything that can be unbolted or unscrewed from Interior may be removed, such as door panels, window cranks, radios, air duct work, Heater Core or any type of padding on dash.

3. Factory Firewall Mandatory and Cannot Be Repositioned, Clearance for Engines such as Big Block in Blazer Will Be Allowed.

4. NOTE: Excessive Body and Interior Modifications Will prevent you from Running in this Class

5. Vehicle Is Required to Carry On-Board a Fully Charged, Mounted Fire Extinguisher of A, B, or C Dry Chemical Type, 2.5 Pounds Minimum Capacity in Cab.

6. 4-Point SFI Harness Required for Driver & Passenger.


1. Must Have Factory Type Front Bumper, No Rear Bumper Required.

2. All After Market Bumpers Must Be Capped Off Even and Not Stick Out Past the Side Body Panels or the Tires. No Protruding or Sharp Edges. No Pipe or Tubing Unclosed/Uncapped Allowed.

3. Tow Hooks on Front and Rear are recommended.

Fuel Tanks/Cells/Pumps:

1. Gas Tank May be Removed and Replaced with a Fuel Cell.

2. All Tanks/Cells Must Have Positive Locking or Screw Caps.

3. Fuel Tanks/Cells Must Be Fully Secured.

4. All Fuel Lines Must Be Isolated from Driver's Compartment.

5. Manual or Electric Fuel Pumps, No Belt Driven.


1. Gasoline or Racing Fuel Only, No Alcohol.

2. No Ether, Nitro, Nitro Methane, Propylene Oxide, Nitrous Oxide, or Nitrous Devices (Nitrous Plates, Nitrous Solenoids, etc.) Allowed.


1. Any OEM Production Type Transmission & Transfer Case Allowed if Offered by Manufacturer in that Style Vehicle. Manual Valve Body Allowed.

2. Aftermarket Shifters Allowed.

3. Any Stall Converters Allowed.

4. No Power Glides Allowed.

5. No Transbrakes or Electric Transmission Controls or Any Type of Electrical Line Brakes Allowed. Manual Type Drive Line Brake Allowed. Must Have Well Working Brakes on at Least 2 Wheels, ex. 2 front wheels or 2 back wheels.

6. All Automatic Transmissions Must Have a SEMA Approved Shield or Blanket.


1. OEM/Stock Type Suspension.

2. Must Maintain OEM Type Leaf Spring Suspension in OEM Mounting Locations. No 3 or 4 links Allowed. No Aftermarket Coil Over.

3. No Aftermarket Shackles/Sliders Allowed.

4. Lift Kits Are Allowed.

5. All Vehicles May run ¾ or 1 Ton Running Gear (Drive train, Axles, etc.).

6. Can Change / Up-Grade Axles, Rear End Housings.

7. No 4-Link, Z-Link Conversions Allowed. (Ex. Chevrolet Under Ford, Ford Under Chevrolet, etc.)

8. No Ladder Bars or Traction Devices Allowed.

9. Over the Spring Application, such as top bars Allowed

• Non Adjustable Traction Bar under leaf spring allowed.

• Rack and pinion steering allowed.


1. All Tires Must Have DOT#. No Cutting or Grooving.


1. Radiator May Be Relocated to the Bed of the Vehicle.

2. Electric Fans and Electric Water Pumps Are Okay.

3. Radiator Must Be Securely Fastened and Shielded from Driver.

4. Must Not Be in the Driver's Compartment.


1. Must Not Be in Driver's Compartment. Must Be Installed with 3/8” Bolts with a Minimum of a ¼” Steel Plate and/or Tube Frame Type Construction. (Bungee Ties or Rubber Straps Are Not Acceptable.)

2. May have Auxiliary Batteries.

3. On/Off Battery Disconnect Switch Is Required at the Rear on the Passenger Side. The Switch Must Be Located a Minimum of Twelve (12) Inches to a Maximum of Twenty-Four (24) Inches from the Side and a Maximum of Twelve (12) Inches from the Rear.

Engine Specifics:

1. Only One (1) Engine Per Vehicle.

2. Engine Has to Be in Stock Location with Stock Type Mounts. Factory Firewall Mandatory and Cannot Be Repositioned. Clearance for Engines such as Big Block in Blazer Will Be Allowed.

3. No Mixing of Engine and Body Style. (Ex. Ford in Ford, Chevy in Chevy, Dodge in Dodge, etc.)

4. Engine Type must be offered by Manufacturer in that style Vehicle, Half Ton or Larger. Small Block will be Limited to 412 CID, Big Block Will be Limited to 477 CID. All Engines have to be in Stock location with Stock Type Mounts.

5. Any cam shaft allowed.

6. All Engines Must Pull 14" of Vacuum at 1,000 RPMs. No Vacuum Devices. Vacuum must be Pulled Directly off Motor (Ex. No Pulling Vacuum from Brake Booster or Etc.)

7. Maximum Cubic Inch Small Block = 412 CID.

8. Maximum Cubic Inch Big Block Cubic = 477 CID.

STROKE: Small Block Motors Can Be Stroked or De-Stroked. Big Blocks Cannot Be Stroked or De-Stroked.

CRANK: Aftermarket Crankshaft Okay.

PISTONS: Aftermarket Pistons Allowed: Flat, Dish, & Dome Pistons Allowed.

BLOCK: Any Production OEM Cast Iron Block Allowed. No Aftermarket Blocks Allowed. (Ex. 502, SVO or Bowtie, Etc.)

RODS: Aftermarket Rods Okay, including aluminum rods. Aftermarket Rod Bolts Are Allowed.

HEADS: Any OEM Production Cast Iron Heads Are Allowed. Any Modifications Are Allowed. GT40 & Chevy Vortec, Bowtie or Vortec Bowtie Heads Are Allowed. No Aftermarket Heads (Ex: No Dart, Brodix, World Product, Mopar Performance, Hemi, SVO Allowed.)

ROCKER ARMS: Roller Rocker Arms Okay. Screw-In Studs & Guide Plates Are Allowed.

INTAKE: Any Aftermarket Intake Allowed.

ALLOWABLE PARTS: Double Roller Timing Chains, High Velocity Oil Pumps, Racing Oil Pans, and Pick-Up Screens, Up-Graded Fasteners. Oil Coolers Are Allowed.

No Aftermarket On-Board Computer and/or Analysis Equipment Allowed at Any Time.

Carburetor Only:

1. Any Single, Small Base Carburetor Is Allowed. May be Double Pumper. No ‘Dominator' Style Big Base Carburetors Allowed.

2. Throttle Pedal Must Be Positive Acting with Return Loop or Arm for Return In Case of Stuck Throttle. Three Return Springs are Mandatory, One (1) on Pedal and Two (2) on Carburetor.

3. No Fuel Injection Allowed.


1. Any Ignition Allowed.

2. No Magnetos Allowed.

3. No Aftermarket Devices such as Ignition Retarders or Advances.


1. Headers Are Allowed. Headers Can Be Run Up or Down.


1. Driveline Brakes Okay. No Electrical Controls Allowed

2. Must Have Brakes on at Least Two (2) Wheels (Ex. Two Front Wheels or Two (2) Back Wheels).

3. Must Be Able to Stop Safely.