Protest Rules

1. Protest must be made during that class and before your truck has been double eliminated.

2. Protest must be made to track owner or tech official.

3. Protest must be made by driver in that class.

4. Protest Fees are as follows: Both parties will be required to put up the required protesting fees as listed below. Example: Engine tear down; protesting truck will put up $450.00 and protested truck will put up $450.00. If protested truck is found legal, he will receive $400.00 from the protesting truck and Tech Official will receive $50.00. If the protested truck is found illegal, the protesting truck will receive $400.00 from the protested truck and Tech Official will receive $50.00. If protested truck admits to being illegal before the tear down begins, no money will change hands and Tech Official receives no pay.

    A. A visual or vacuum check or carburetor check will be $60.00. Tech Official will receive no pay.

    B. Camshaft and lifter protest will be $150.00 (Must pull intake and carburetor). Tech Official will receive $50.00 of this protest.

    C. P&G check will be $150.00. $100.00 will go to the purchase of the P&G machine and $50.00 will go to the Tech Official.

    D. Engine tear down protest fee will be $450.00. Tear down will be done by driver and Tech officials. Heads, oil pans, pistons, rods & etc., may be removed. Truck owner, mechanic and driver of protesting truck may be present. Decisions of the Tech Officials are FINAL.

    E. Unless protest is made BEFORE the race starts, a winner cannot protest a loser.