4.60 Breakout Rules

1. This is a time limited class 460 is the minimum elapsed time.

2. This class will run off a pro tree. (Heads Up)

3. If your truck or car runs less than 4.60, it counts as a loss, two losses count as elimination.

4. You may enter 2wd or 4wd cars, trucks, rails, or buggies.

5. You can run small blocks or big blocks.

6. You may build your engine however you like, but must have a carburetor, alcohol or gas.

7. No blowers, injection systems, or NOS.

8. You may run any type of transmission setup.

9. You may have any type rear end-quick change or conventional. Rear end can be narrowed.

10. All vehicles must have well-working brakes, drive line brakes will be permitted.

11. Tires must be DOT approved; they can be cut or grooved. Scoopers, sand paddles or tractor tires will not be permitted.

12. All vehicles must have a roll cage, full seat harness and fire extinguisher.

13. All vehicles are subject to a safety inspection prior to the race.

14. Any vehicle that does not pass the safety inspection will not be allowed to race.