Welcome to the Louisiana Off Road Race Park

(From left to right) Austin Butler, David McMillin, and Remi Baker have joined forces to buy, design, and operate the Louisiana Off Road Race Park located 7 miles north of Jonesville. (Courtesy Photo by Cindy Sanders)

Louisiana Off Road Race Park comes alive

July 14, 2008 Jonesville, LA.

Since its inception in 2003, the Dirt Drag Racing Association (DDRA) has been a mini-boom for Catahoula Parish. Now, DDRA President David McMillin and two partners have taken the next step in the evolution of the sport with a permanent racetrack in the Sandy Lake Community.

During the past 10-12 races the DDRA has seen record crowds topping more than a 1,000 and driver numbers in the 100s. However, due to conflicting events, rising water, and failed negotiations, the DDRA home racetrack has moved three times.

“We needed stability in order to continue our growth.” McMillin said. “Dirt racing features a winning combination of good clean family fun highlighted by the thrill of competition.”

“Just like the beginning of the DDRA, we saw a need and we have addressed that need with the formation of the Louisiana Off Road Race Park.”

The 60-acre site is located seven miles north of Jonesville in the Sandy Lake community, just off Buddy Netherland Road.

McMillin said the group has major plans for the park, which in addition to being the home of the DDRA, will host events for the American Mud Racing Association (AMRA) and all terrain vehicle (ATV) races. The site will feature conventional dirt drag races as well as horseshoe racing and the ever-popular mud bogging.

“We are very excited about this opportunity and we hope the people of Catahoula Parish will take advantage of this situation to see championship quality racing in our backyard,” McMillin stated. “This is not only about racing but it’s a form of tourism that will bring lots of people who will spend money in our community.”

McMillin is joined in this venture by former Jonesville resident and Block graduate Remi Baker who now resides in Denham Springs, La. Baker who owns Womack’s Head and Block and is an original member of the DDRA, is joined by his Denham Springs neighbor Austin Butler, who owns Austin’s Mechanic Shop which specializes in 4x4s.

“The dirt drags and off road racing has seen a boom in participation and fan support,” Baker stated. “We see this as an opportunity to not only promote and grow with this industry but to also give something back to the community.”

Butler agreed with Baker and added; “We see the potential of this industry and this site to be unlimited.

“Not only do you have a steady supply of local racers and loyal fans, as this grows, you will see the Louisiana Off Road Race Park, host state and regional events.”

While the trio is confident in the growth of the industry and their newly formed alliance, the crowning event is the race park.

“We are very thankful for the tremendous support we have received from local fans, drivers, businesses and sponsors,” McMillin concluded. “With this support and a lot of hard work, we expect the Louisiana Off Road Race Park to take the DDRA to the next level and along the way help our local economy.”

Louisiana Off Road Race Park to offer more in the future

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