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An Open Letter to Our E.T. Racers;

April 21, 2009 From DDRA President David McMIllin

Following my letter about the past race we had a lot of calls about the E.T. Class. After many discussions with a lot of people, we are willing to try something different.

We will allow you to run in the E.T. and 575 or 500 and E.T. which are stock classes. However, we will have to start earlier. As our sport grows, we may be forced to allow a truck to run in only one class.

The E.T. Trucks will have to register and run time trials by 10:45. The E.T. Trucks will start at 11:00 A.M. SHARP! They will run until 2:00 P.M.

At that time we will stop E.T. and start running the other classes, 575, 500, 460, 4.20 Super Stock, Big Block, and 2-Wheel Drive. We will finish running all these classes before we finish running E.T.

This is the only way we know to try and please the most people.

The other thing is we are going to lower the entry fee in E.T. to $25. We are going to pay 100% of all entry fees back to the racers. The pay scale will be for the top five (5) places: 5th place will get their entry fee back $25. 4th place will get their entry fee $25 plus $25 for a total of $50. 3rd place will get 20% of the remaining entry fees. 2nd place will get 30% of the remaining entry fees. 1st place will get 50% of the remaining entry fees. Trophies will be only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

We are lowering the entry fees in the E.T. Class because we had a lot of trucks last race.

We cannot have our entry level classes racing for more money than our higher classes because this will make those classes mad. We want and need every truck in all classes, our entry level classes develop into our pro classes.

The Dirt Drag Racing Association (DDRA) and the Louisiana Off Road Race Park owners are spending $1,000 to $1,500 on trophies at every event. The last race I had a first place trophy broke in half and thrown at me after I spent my hard earned money buying it. I have worked for months and spent a lot of money to give everybody a quality race facility. We work to no end trying to please as many people as possible. But I will not tolerate another person treating me or my friends that way again!

Thank you and we hope this is a compromise to all classes.

Owners of the Louisiana Off Road Race Park

David McMillin

Remi Baker

Austin Butler